Norbert of Xanten

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It all started when Rt. Rev. Justin Diraviam, Arch Bishop Madurai, used to visit Bandra East, while he was embarking to Europe. He was touched and edified by Norbertine way of life and ministry. At this point of time, Fr. A. S. Prakash, O. Praem was the Principal of Cardinal Gracious High School. The Arch Bishop causally invited the Norbertines to his Diocese, Madurai. But nothing happened to His Lordship’s invitation. In 1997, Fr. Prakash, O. Praem was Prior of St. Norbert Priory, Mumbai and Fr. Theophanous, O. Praem was The Abbot’s Delegate because Jamtara still remained under the Abbey of Berne as Sub- Canonry.Even after 54 years there was not the presence of Norbertines in Tamil Nadu. Though in 1923, the three Dutch Missionaries landed in South, moved on to central province of India to work in the Missions. There was vacuum in Tamil Nadu. (more…)